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  • charcuterie picnic box
  • wide variety of wines

Wisconsin Meat & Cheese

About us

Welcome to Wisconsin Meat & Cheese!

Our names are Casey & Taylor, and we are the proud owners of Wisconsin Meat & Cheese in Charleston, SC.

What brought us to Charleston is the beautiful weather and an impulse decision to move out of our home state, Wisconsin. Taylor attended law school while I worked from home for the first three years.

We both grew up in the Green Bay area with an overabundance of cheese curds and bratwursts. We never knew how much we missed the food until we were over 1,000 miles away.

In Wisconsin, I used to eat summer sausage and cheese whips as my "night time" snack. My personal favorites were the endless curds by the handful and brats any time the sun was shining to grill out. Being cut off cold turkey after moving to the south had me in shambles, and I know I wasn't the only one.

Welcome to the beginning...

Bringing Wisconsin to the South means we have created a cozy style interior with over 150 different cheeses, over 50 kinds of meats, Racine Kringle, and the perfect assortments for charcuterie boards, including jams, crackers, mustards, pickles, olives, spreads, "snacky" foods, and sweets.

We start off greeting our customers with a "Sample of the Day," which involves a different cheese thoughtfully chosen every day so our customers have the chance to try something they have likely never tried before.

Next, we keep our cheeses in small cuts and vacuum sealed packages. This way, the cheese stays the freshest the longest, and it provides you with the opportunity to try multiple cheeses without having to buy a pound of each cheese you want to try. Even better, our prices can compete with huge grocery stores even in being a "specialty shop".

Most importantly, we do our best to go above and beyond for every customer by helping them meet their wants and needs with any products we have in the store. We want to make it an enjoyable experience for them in getting a taste of our home state.

We have many plans to expand our business. For example, we are currently working on getting our beer and wine license. Beyond being a specialty retail store, we would also like to create a quaint dining experience by creating seating areas and preparing to-go charcuterie boards, or what I would call a "Munch Box", to enjoy with a fine glass (or bottle) of wine or a refreshing beer.

How about cheese tasting classes? Sure! Charcuterie board classes? You got it! As our business grows, the possibilities are endless, and we listen to the suggestions our customers have.

We are beyond grateful for how welcoming the Charleston and James Island community has been to us. We want Wisconsin Meat & Cheese to be a fun experience for anyone and everyone.